Frozen Food Machinery | How Long Does Freeze Drying Take


    Around 24 hours was the estimated freeze drying time for an average load, but with the new software, I’ve freeze dried loads in as little as 13 hours. Warm, humid conditions increase drying time.

    When you load up your home freeze dryer and hit “Start”, the unit takes you through a short menu. You select whether the food going in is already frozen (or not), and whether it is solid or liquid. Then the freeze dryer prompts you to close the drain valve and begin the cycle.

    The new software is smart. The main differences between the old and new software are as follows:

    It measures the freezing temperatures (it used to only measure the warming temps)

    The vacuum pump is used as part of the freeze (when the temp of the food hits 0 degrees F, the pump turns on). This is important because the food gets colder faster.

    Once the food is frozen cold enough, it clicks immediately into drying (it doesn’t wait for the full freeze time to finish)

    The drying phase ramps up to the specified shelf temperature (this helps you get a better finished product)

    The final dry is the same

    The biggest benefits occur if you put pre-frozen food it. However, there is still a decrease in the processing times for foods that aren’t pre-frozen. Anyone who gets a new freeze dryer also gets the new software.

    The new software will be sold as an upgrade to older users, due to the customer service involved with it. Harvest Right has almost 50,000 freeze dryer customers. I received a copy of the new software to test and review.

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