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  • Al Salopek (officer) Quick update: Two tankers made there way to Mariana and Bristol yesterday. Today one is going to Wewa Tomorrow one is going to Chipley, another to Bristol. Pollen is coming, and dry sugar. We are starting to get offers of Beekeeping supplies and will work to find out what folks need. Elmore has folks his way that needed veils, hive tools, and smokers, and he is taken care of.  Please share our FSBA FB posts and Go Fund Me link, the News Release from IFAS with your local association leaders and let them know what we are doing and how they can help.  Jamie Ellis has the idea local associations could have a “challenge” to collect funds to pay for “a tote” of syrup. (Approx $600)  Feed additive can help with prevention of fermentation, if anyone has a lead on talking to one of the MFR’s or distributors. Mann Lake and Dadant are already helping I would try another.  All this has kept the recap of the conference from happening but sooner than later I’d like an email to go to all attendees, sponsors, etc. from all of us, thanking them for coming. Thanks all,  Jennifer   Holmes Hani Honey Company 772-214-5165 Florida State Beekeepers Association
  • Shelly Jakob (owner) Don't forget Tampa Bay Beekeepers meeting tomorrow night!
  • Kevin Jester (officer)